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FISAT-handbook rope access techniques

Recommendations for trainers and technicians

FISAT is the first rope access association to publish a complete step-by-step manual for all basic rope access maneuvers and rescue drills technicians have to learn and internalize in order to be fully operational. Due to the regional presence in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the manual is only available in German. The handbook is divided into five main chapters: vertical, horizontal and diagonal access, rescue techniques, as well as rigging.

The FISAT-handbook was first published in 2016 after several years of work and has since been further developed and adapted to the changing requirements. First edition was sold out only a few weeks after its publication and introduction at the FISAT technical symposium. In 2022 we published the 4th edition.

To keep older handbooks up to date, FISAT has published free pdf downloads with each newly released edition.