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Reporting of accidents and near misses

Despite all efforts to provide high-quality training, independent assessments and conscientious and detailed work preparation, unsafe actions, near misses and even accidents may occur in everyday work. One of FISAT’s main goals, anchored in the association’s statutes, is to permanently improve health and safety at work, especially when using rope access techniques. An important part of this is the recording and evaluation of accidents as well as communication off the lessons learned.

This is only possible if we all deal openly with such incidents and establish positive and impartial communication.

The form below offers a possibility to report accidents and near misses anonymously.

Please note that it is only available in German. It is also possible to contact us via email or telephone to report any incidents. Whether you use the reporting tool or contact us directly, we guarantee that all information is treated confidentially and knowledge is only passed on in anonymous form.


Beschreiben Sie bitte die Unfallsituation, den Hergang die verwendeten Geräte etc. so genau wie möglich!
Ergänzend zu Ihrer Beschreibung haben sie die Möglichkeit uns Skizzen oder Fotos der Situation zu senden. Nutzen Sie hierfür die Uploadbuttons. Pro Datei bitte einen Button benutzen. Wenn Sie mit dem Cursor auf den Button gehen, wird Ihnen der Dateiname der hochgeladenen Datei angezeigt.
Ihre Meldung wird an das Referat Sicherheit und Ausbildung des FISAT weitergeleitet.