The FISAT-Logbook serves as evidence of personal operating time employing rope access. The issuer of this logbook, the FISAT – professional organization for rope access, recommends to all users the documentation of their service times as evidence of their professional qualifications for clients and employers, legally mandated insurance providers, government agencies, as well as the professional organization.

Beginning with the year 2011, documented operating times with qualification as rope access technician Level 2 are also the prerequisite for admission to the Level 3 examination. With the introduction of a minimum service time, sufficient practical experience for the assumption of the responsibilities of a rope access supervisor is ensured.

Documented service times are to be confirmed by a rope access supervisor involved in the job on site, preferably by the responsible supervisor.

Examinations for rope access technicians as well as participation in the annually required refresher courses are to be affixed at page 86 ff in the FISAT-Logbook.

The FISAT-logbook is to remain in the personal possession of the rope access technician. Rope access technicians receive new logbooks from FISAT certifiers upon participation in an examination or refresher course.

Please use the detailed informations and instructions in German or download the commented version of FISAT-Logbook here (in English and German). Also you can download all FAQs (in German).

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