Certification procedures and examinations

In 1996 the Professional Organization for Rope-Assisted Work Techniques began training programs and started conducting examinations. In the framework of the organizations restructuring in 2002, training was given up while certification activities were intensified and adapted to the requirements of the EN 45000 series (especially EN 45013).

FISAT's certification team consists exclusively of appointed highly qualified nationally and internationally renowned experts on rope-assisted work techniques, who guarantee that certifications demonstrate a high standard of safety. All requirements and procedures are defined in the actual FISAT Guidelines (Safety and Working Guidelines for Rope Access, Examination Guidelines for Rope Access).

Admission to examinations is completely non-discriminatory! Every trainer and training facility can request certifications from us. However, we recommend to interested parties only such facilities that have been accredited by FISAT and committed themselves to FISAT safety standards and course content.

Here you can find a detailed statement for international recognition of FISAT qualification.