The aim of the association is

  • in consensus with its members and connected associations to improve the status of safety and health in rope-assisted work techniques in the Federal Republic of Germany and Europe. 

  • to preserve and promote the common interests of users of rope-assisted and secured work and rescue techniques. Hereby, the association, while ensuring the independence of its members in carrying out their tasks, tends to common duties in the areas of safety and health protection. In carrying out these duties, the association supports the activities of its members, which are in principle superordinate, to the best of its ability.  

  •  to elaborate and, corresponding to technical developments, constantly to update guidelines for conducting rope-assisted work, certifications, and training programs. 

  •  to formulate requirements for user equipment and to incorporate these in the work of national and international standard-setting agencies. 

  • to elaborate regulations for accident prevention and judgements on existing guidelines and to implement these in cooperation with accident insurers. 

  • to advise and inform members on all relevant issues, to exchange experiences, and to counsel in legal questions, as well as to create forums for the exchange of experiences and information. 

  • to act as advisor on the development of rope assisted and secured work and rescue techniques and on equipment used for these techniques. 

  • to disseminate information on rope assisted and secured work and rescue techniques and on the association through appropriate media. 

  • to establish and maintain contacts with foreign organizations with similar goals. 

  • to coordinated the activities of all interest groups for rope assisted and secured work and rescue techniques in Germany with the goal of incorporating them under the umbrella of FISAT. 

The organization exclusively serves the interests of its members. 

Excerpt from the Bylaws of the Professional Organization for Rope-Assisted Work Techniques FISAT e.V., 2010 version.

The complete Bylaws in the version from 12 March 2010 is available here as a PDF download (only in German)