We are networkers

FISAT activities are concentrated in the Board, the Advisory Board, and the General Assembly of the Membership. One important factor contributing to the organization’s success is, in addition, the Certifier Team, which continually adapts and revisers the rules and safety guidelines for the training sector. The Safety and Training Division deals with updates of the guidelines and examination requirements. Moreover, members conduct material tests and fall experiments to detect potential sources of danger.

This working groups are activated:

  • Practical handbook – requirements for training companies and user of rope access techniques
  • Examination papers – theoretical tasks
  • Examination papers – applications planning
  • Rescue from high altitudes and dephts
  • PPE against falls from a height

FISAT is represented in the following panels:

  • Member of the Federal Work Group for Work Safety and Health (BASI)
  • Working group „Rope-assisted access and positioning techniques” under the direction of DGUV
  • Working group „Requirements to training supervisors for usage of PPE against falls from a height” under the direction of DGUV
  • European Committee for Rope Access (ECRA)
  • Partner in research project „European Professional Certificate for Rope Access“ as part of lifelong learning programme »Leonardo da Vinci«, promoted by European Commission