10th FISAT Technical Symposium 2017 – More than 200 participants came to Zeche Zollverein Essen (Zollverein Coal Mine)

On 24th and 25th of November 2017 our FISAT Technical Symposium took place in Essen (Germany). The Location Oktogon building, the former cooling tower no. 2 of Zollverein Coal Mine Essen, was architecturally transformed into a modern convention center. So we had best conditions for our event – all under one roof. Our workshop for professional training instructors was organized on 23th of November 2017

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The FISAT Technical Symposium – Our annually event for commercial users, training companies and interested partners

In the past ten years we successfully established a special format of events: Every year in autumn our association is organizing the FISAT Technical Symposium. Our last events took place in Essen, Feuchtwangen, Erfurt and Berlin. The guiding themes were e.g. »The human factor«, »Confined space« and »Personal protective equipment against falls from a height«.

In this annually event, originally started as an continous training for all rope access training companies, we give all interested partners a general view around actual themes, recent developments and activities in the area of rope accesss: training, safety and health, ergonomics, technical news but also actual legal aspects and requirements in work and training in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

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